Winter Skin

Winter Skin

Winter Rescue

Winter is rolling in. You’re starting to feel the pinch of the cold. The days get shorter and the nights longer. The change in season means our skin changes too. Our skin is drier, flakier, tighter. Sensitivity and redness can appear where there isn’t usually any.

 Let’s have a look at why these changes happen.

 Why is my skin changing?

 Physiologically, we are made up of 70% of water. We’re like one big sponge. What  we apply our body absorbs and when  we don’t apply everything tightens and our body tries to retain as much as it can. In winter there is less moisture in the air. You may be finding you're going through your moisturiser faster or feel it’s not giving you that usual nourishment. This is normal. As the seasons change so too must our skin regimes. Not a complete overhaul, but enough to support our skin through the transition.

 Hacks to happy healthy skin in winter:

 Your favourite hot steamy showers or baths.... limit the time you spend in them! Have you ever run an oily pan underneath hot water and watched as the oil and fat congeal and then rinse off? This is exactly what’s happening to our skin barrier when we blast the hot water.

Top tip: Try lukewarm showers through the cooler months. Only splash your cleanser off, don’t pop your head under the shower, your face will thank you for it!

 Essential Fatty Acids are your go-to. They regulate natural oil production in skin and hair, are anti-inflammatory and naturally support general well-being.

 Top tip: Take 2 capsules daily (3 if your legs and arms are prone to flaking) this will support internal health.

 Love your coffee too much? Try swapping one caffeine source for a herbal tea.

 Remember ladies and gents:

Listen to your skin!


  • If you feel dry after showering switch your cleanser to a cream for extra nourishment (Aromatic Tea Cleanser).


  • Are you getting redness on the corners of your nose, cheeks and/or chin? Switch your exfoliant to an enzyme and apply once a week (3in1 Fruit Peel Mask).


  • Is your skin absorbing your current moisturiser too quickly? Try adding a serum underneath.(3D Hylauronic serum). Up your moisturiser to a heavier consistency, apply an oily based hydrator over the top or simply spike your moisturiser with the balm.(Comfort Cream&Youth Activating Oil Balm)

 Need more advice?

 Pretty In The City are here for all your skin questions, concerns and advice. Get in touch and we can organise an online skin consultation to educate you on all things skin related.

Team at Pretty in the City x