MicroCurrent Skin Scrubber & Blackhead Remover 9 In 1 - Black & Gold

$77.00 AUD

This device requires Geske's Conductive Gel.

Relieve stress and fatigue and let the MicroCurrent Skin Scrubber & Blackhead Remover | 9 in 1 work its threefold magic of lifting, firming and toning your facial contours. Exfoliate skin and cleanse it from deep within with a Thermo Facial Exfoliation Session.

Best for: All skins including those targeting skin toning, impurities and textured skin and the treatment of fine lines.


  • 9-in-1 skincare tool for versatile and comprehensive skin care.
  • Microcurrent technology for toning and firming the skin.
  • Ultrasonic scrubbing for deep cleansing and exfoliation.
  • Effective blackhead removal for clearer pores.
  • LED therapy for addressing various skin concerns.

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