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Ying and Yang Power Couple

Ying and Yang Power Couple


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This powerful Retinoic Oil and Pure Age Defiance Serum duo offers intense

hydration, muscle relaxation, cell rebalancing, diminishing of lines and

wrinkles, even skin tone and skin rejuvenation.

Retinoic Oil will nourish and offer all the top-end benefits of retinoic acid

(used at night) whilst Pure Age Defiance Serum (morning) will hydrate from

within, provide encapsulated multi-vitamin benefits and a loaded injection

of V8 Peptide Complex to relax muscles, soften lines and wrinkles.

Morning - Pure Age Defiance Serum: Use 1-2 pumps around the eyes, face

and neck after cleansing and before hydrating.

Evening – Retinoic Oil: On clean, dry skin (after regular serums) use a

quarter to half a pump apply to face, neck and décolletage. Massage until

fully absorbed and then follow with O Cosmedics hydrator.


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