How does it work?

High-intensity pulsed light enters the skin to focus on specific chromophore. The targeted areas in the skin (like age spots and capillaries) absorb the light energy, breaking down the lesion and resulting in a firmer, smoother, and more radiant complexion.

What can we treat?

IPL is beneficial for:
•Reducing pigment lesions, like sun spots, age spots, and freckles
•Improving skin texture and tone
•Minimising redness and vascular lesions
•Enhances collagen production, resulting in skin rejuvenation

How do I prepare for a IPL treatment?
A consultation is required for IPL treatments to ensure you are a good candidate for treatment. We will discuss all your questions and advise on the best treatment course and go over pre and post care instructions. 
Please note- a skin cancer check must be performed and cleared by a Skin Doctor within 6 months before treatment. 

What is the downtime and aftercare?
You may experience mild swelling and redness immediately after the procedure, but these effects typically last for just a few hours. You may experience epidermal crusting (darkening of the pigment lesions) but mineral make up can be worn after your appointment.

IPL Hair Reduction

IPL works best when the hair is darker than the skin. Any blonde, white, red or grey hair will not be suitable for this treatment. A thorough consultation with your therapist is recommended before the beginning of your treatment, to ensure you qualify for IPL. Things such as medication and lifestyle can be a contraindication to this treatment. Is it best to speak with us first.

What is the difference between IPL and Laser?

Both IPL and Laser use light to heat the hair follicle to reduce hair growth, however it is the different type of light used in each treatment that makes them different. Laser is a pinpointed, focused light that only penetrates to one specific depth, while IPL penetrates to multiple depth levels and uses a broad spectrum light that covers a larger area.

Pre-Treatment Advice

•Do not wax, bleach or tweeze the areas of treatment 4 weeks prior to your appointment. For best results, avoid these between your course of treatments.
•Shave the area being treated on the day of your appointment leaving a small patch of hair for your therapist to review the colour and thickness to ensure the best results are achieved. If the area is not shaved an additional charge maybe applied to your treatment.
•Please advise your therapist of any changes to medications you take/allergies you have throughout the course of treatment as this may interfere with your result

Post-Treatment Advice

•It's important to avoid sun exposure to the area of treatment. It is vital that you wear SPF 30+ daily on the area of treatment to avoid adverse effects.
•Redness, inflammation and swelling to the hair follicles is normal post treatment.
•No swimming, sauna's, spa's or excessive sweating for 48 hours post treatment to avoid any unwanted adverse reactions.
•Avoid advanced skin treatments or injectables for 2 weeks post any IPL treatments targeting facial hair.
•Do not tweeze hairs, they will fall out naturally. Use of an exfoliation mitt will assist.
•To maximise benefits attend treatments at regular intervals as prescribed by your therapist.


Pricing IPL Facials

A complimentary consultation will be carried out prior to EVERY initial treatment including a spot "test" patch where necessary.
Purchase a package of 5 treatments and get 1 free.

• IPL Skin Rejuvenation Face: $229
(Rejuvenation, Pigmentation, Vascular Reduction, Acne Treatment)
• IPL Skin Rejuvenation Face & Neck: $289
• IPL Skin Rejuvenation Face, Neck & Decolletage: $350
• IPL Pigmentation Reduction Back of Hands : $99
• IPL Small Area Spot Treatment (i.e. Nose): $50

Pricing IPL Hair Reduction

A complimentary consultation will be carried out prior to EVERY initial treatment including a spot "test" patch where necessary.
Purchase a package of 5 treatments and get 1 free.

• Lip $48
• Chin $50
• Lip & Chin $79
• Sides of Face $50
• Full Face $90
• Add On: Small Area $50

• Bikini $65
• G-string $89
• Brazilian $110
• Underarm $69
• Half Arm $79
• Full Arm $98
• Half Leg $110
• Full Leg $150

FEMALE BODY PACKAGE 1 - $140 (save $39)
Brazilian + Underarm

FEMALE BODY PACKAGE 2 - $230 (save $59)
Brazilian, Underarm & Half Leg

FEMALE BODY PACKAGE 3 - $260 (save $69)
Brazilian, Underarm, Full Leg

• Male Back & Shoulders $210
• Male Chest & Stomach $160
• Male Full Leg $210
• Male Half Leg $190
• Male Shoulders $15

If you have any questions about IPL skin rejuvenation or hair reduction, please reach out, we're happy to help.