what to eat

personalised eating plan

Let's face it, the nutrition world is overwhelming. Whether you'd like to lose weight or you want to feel and perform better, I've designed a nutrition program to guide you in choosing the best foods for your body.

You'll get:
• an individualised nutrition plan for your needs and goals.
• the "how to" in following your plan and creating a customised healthy-eating menu in a matter of minutes.
• continual motivation and inspiration with 4 x 30 minute consultations (online or in person).
• an analysis of your fibre intake with personalised feedback into what gut bugs you are nourishing and which ones you aren't.
• an investment into yourself and your health.

You'll become...
Confident in knowing that you are meeting your nutrient requirements and less prone to nutrition overwhelm and guilt. My ultimate goal is to see you become more consistent with your eating patterns.

The WHAT TO EAT program provides you with the actions to take that will keep you going.

After completing a comprehensive assessment form, you'll get a personalised eating guide based on your needs and goals. We will then schedule 4 x 30 minute sessions with Teresa to keep you on track, motivated and supported.

Teresa is a university qualified nutritionist and health coach, ready to support you on making the changes that are going to be huge for you.