Issada CC8 Cream Foundation

$87.00 AUD

Now you can have it all: a tinted moisturiser, anti-aging serum, blemish treatment, pore minimiser, radiance booster, pigmentation fighter, mineral sunscreen, skin calming colour corrector - in ONE miracle, multi-tasking product!

CC8 glides on effortlessly to instantly neutralise imperfections, re-texturise and refine the skin. With prolonged wear CC8 will heal, strengthen, repair and de-age.

CC8 Cream offers a next generation formula that delivers 8 skin-loving benefits in one simple step:

  1. Anti-aging, Anti-oxidant
  2. Hydrating & Plumping
  3. Fights Pigmentation
  4. Boosts Radiance
  5. Corrects Blemishes & Redness
  6. Minimises Pores
  7. Evens Skin Tone & Texture
  8. Mineral Tinted SPF 15

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