Nutrition Program | WHAT TO EAT

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Getting on track with nutrition has been your goal for a while. It’s either all in or all out, right? I hear you. 

I know it’s hard to make changes to your nutrition habits. Being creatures of habit, it’s very easy to slip into a pattern of going to the shops and buying the same foods each week. But, what if we made it fun and inspiring to make small, doable changes that you will want to keep doing. What if we replace some of your food choices with more nutrient-dense options that not only taste great, but will fuel your body for longer, giving you more energy.

Immediately after purchase, you'll be sent a digital download. This contains an online consultation form. After completing a comprehensive assessment form, you'll get a personalised eating guide based on your needs and goals.

You'll then learn the 'how to' in following your plan with a 60 minute session with Teresa (online or in-person). 

Additional follow-up sessions can be purchased if extra support is needed.

Teresa O'Malley

Nutritionist (BMSc), PN Nutrition Certified Coach

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